Mind the Details

From initial review to underwriting to asset management and exit, we are meticulous in our approach. We believe that investments can succeed or fail sometimes because of seemingly small adjustments, so for Hagaman  every detail matters.

Communicate and Collaborate

Solid investments are created through a collaborative environment inside of Hagaman, and between Hagaman, the property management team, our equity investors and our lender. We believe that the surest path to success is through having open and consistent communication, collaboration and challenging each other's ideas to arrive at the best possible decisions.

Create Communities, Empower People

We create and support initiatives at our properties that strengthen the communities and empower both residents and team members. Doing so creates a desirable place for our residents to live, and allows us to provide best-in-class housing for our residents.


“The most valuable investments don't just generate industry-leading returns…”

Disciplined real estate investment with a purpose. Doing well by doing good is more than a familiar trope, it’s the reason we get up in the morning. Our platform is anchored in the belief that the most valuable investments don’t just generate industry-leading returns. They build and empower communities. While we are driven to preserve capital, produce consistent yields, and generate competitive risk-adjusted returns for our capital partners, we are also committed to providing best-in-class multi-family residences for our residents and supporting the local communities that we touch.

Our Values

We love what we do and we want to align with like-minded partners. We’re generating more than industry-leading returns, we are empowering people and building communities. Our successes are all the more rewarding when collaborating with those who share our values. We work closely with our capital partners, from high net worth individuals and family offices to private equity firms and other institutional capital partners, to develop tailored strategies that suit their investment criteria.


We have built our firm and our careers upon these values, which can be distilled into these three guiding values.

We are Hagaman, institutional real estate investment veterans moving in lockstep with the fast pace of today’s middle-market climate. Our focus enables us to create value for our capital partners by executing on opportunities with an efficiency that is rare among institutional investment firms. Headquartered just outside of Denver, CO, we leverage relationships, experience, and technology to identify irreplaceable assets in remarkable locations which have previously been overlooked or undervalued. Hagaman Inc proven ability to purchase patiently, execute swiftly, and exit the investment successfully has contributed to our growing reputation as one of the most capable and consistent real estate investment firms in the industry. Innovative, passionate, and agile, we deliver strong returns for our partners, and elevate the communities in which we do business.

Our Philosophy


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